Iron and Manganese Removal with eOxide LQ 85

eOxide LQ 85 from Chemoxide is a 0.75% 7500 mg/L solution of practically pure chlorine dioxide in water.

eOxide LQ 85 is produced as and when requited by mixing two precursor solutions.

In addition to being an excellent biocide for the control of bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, protozoa, viruses, algae and biofilm. eOxide LQ 85 is used as a pretreatment to aid in the removal of iron and manganese from drinking water and waste water.

Iron and Manganese

Iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) are responsible for a number of problems with water supplies. Above 0.3 mg/l iron and 0.05 mg/l manganese, these contaminants cause aesthetic problems such as discolouration of water, turbidity. staining and unpleasant taste.
The presence of iron and manganese can also accelerate biological activity further exacerbating taste, odour and colour problems.
Chlorine dioxide selectively oxidises the relatively soluble Fe (II) and Mn (II) to insoluble Fe (III) and Mn (III or IV) species.
The resulting precipitate of Insoluble iron and manganese compounds are removed by filtration or sedimentation followed by tiltration. Any remaining Fe (II) and Mn (II) is removed by hydrated Iron and manganese species coated on the tilter media where the trapped ions are oxldised to the insoluble form.

In addition, chlorine dioxide can oxidise organic complexing agents which assist in keeping iron and manganese in solution. In some cases the chlorine dioxide works by destroying biotilms that encapsulate organically bound metal ions preventing them from being oxidised by conventional oxidising biocides spread or disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.