AirGel40 eliminates odour, airborne bacteria and viruses in residential and commercial applications.

The Superior Air Sanitization Solution

Unlike most conventional Odour treatments that merely mask bad smells our AirGel actually has the ability to kill the source of the problem. The Chlorine Dioxide that is released from the Gel works by destroying part of the odour molecule, stripping it of its odour potential. It is the oxygen ions that are doing the work, killing the airborne bacteria, mould or viruses and safely eliminating odour. It slowly releases 0,05-0,3ppm ClO2 per m3 air, according the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA).


  • Slow regulated release of chlorine dioxide vapour at undetectable and safe levels.
  • Simple mixing instructions.
  • No capital investment required and no electrical power.
  • 1 packet treats up to 40m2 (floor area) for 30-40 days.
  • The Gel will start to turn yellow within minutes after activation.
  • After approximately 30 days the Gel will lose its colour and become inactive.

Applications of AirGel40

  • Air sanitization in rooms at home, offices, hotel, etc.
  • Food facilities
  • Transport containers
  • Cars
  • Caravans
  • Boats
  • Storage sheds
  • Toilets
  • Doctors practices/hospitals
  • Odour control applications

How to use AirGel40


  • Add 150ml of clean potable water to the container provided. (If available use lukewarm water).
  • Empty total contents of Gel sachet into the water.
  • Close the container with the closed cap and shake the container gently for 15 seconds and let the container stand for 30 minutes.
  • Remove the closed cap.
  • Open the package of the AirGel-Activator and add the total content to the container. Close the container with the closed cap and shake gently for a few seconds.
  • Remove the closed cap and place the perforated cap on the container. The gel will start to have a yellow colour and provides a slow release chlorine dioxide vapour and is now ready for use.
  • Once activated use in a moderate temperature (5-40°C) only, as the Gel will liquify if exposed to hot temperatures. Place the container with the yellow gel minimum 1,5 meter = 4,9feet high from the floor, the higher the better. Keep away from children and pets and do not place the container directly in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions AirGel40

Q: Can I use in my car or in hot environments?

A: If using in a car or hot environments the gel will liquify and spill if knocked over or tips over.

Q: Is the Gel effective once it goes a clear white colour?

A: The Gel is no longer effective once it goes a clear white colour

Q: Do I need to stir the gel powder once I add it to the water?

A: No, it is enough to shake the closed container gently for 15 seconds

Q: Will Gel still be effective after 30 days?

A: Yes, subject to the contamination the Gel might last several days longer.

Q: Do I need to keep the Gel in an elevated position?

A: Yes we recommend to keep out of reach of children and to also avoid potential spillage. Place at 1,5 meter = 4,9 feet or higher.

AirGel40 is developed and manufactured in the EU according EN12671, EN1275 and EN1276